2020 Workshop Lineup!!!!!

 2020 Workshop Lineup!

Our 2020 Lineup is READY!

1/13: Reboot: Exploring Your Inner Child and The Art of Growing Up

1/27: Akashic Records and soul contracts MEETING CANCELED

2/10: EFT/Tapping for Anxiety Reduction

2/24: Meditative Writing
3/9: Using Astrology and the Law of Attraction to Manifest
3/23: Akashic Records and Soul Contracts (make up date from previous cancelation)
4/27: Neurosculpting
5/11: The Sedona Method
***If you would like to be a guest presenter or know of someone, any of these days can be adjusted! Contact me at 631.223.8515 or Laura@visionaryeducator.com***

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Reboot: Exploring Your Inner Child and The Art of Growing Up

Thank you all for your candidness during our workshop last night!  We shared an overview of “who” our inner child actually is, explored different ways to access him/her, and various ways to begin healing.  We ended the evening writing a letter to our inner child and having a mini EFT/Tapping session to heal our inner child.  Below are the resources presented last night.

Reboot: Exploring Your Inner Child Power Point Show

Loving Your Inner Child Tapping Session

Handout of Inner Child Exercises

Louise Hay Audio Clip



Thank you all for joining us with our special guest Lisa Dooley!  What a powerful evening and super powerful meditation session.  Below is her message to us following the workshop:

Thank you so much for taking your time to join me last night! It was such a beautiful circle of energy that we created.
Here are the songs (in order) that were played for the meditation:
Meditation by MuOM, Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir
Shadow of a Cloud by David Downes
Warm In You by Liquid Mind
Serenity (Relaxation Songs) by Reiki (Reiki Healing Music)
Ethereal Calling by Reiki (Reiki Music My Spiritual Practice)
Just For Today I Will Honour by Llewellyn
If you have Apple Music, you can find all of my playlists by searching Channeled Inspirations and/or @thelisadooley
If you’re a Spotify user, I have an old account that has a bunch of great playlists as well. I no longer update it, but it’s still worth taking a look – channeledinspirations was my account name that you can search.
And I wanted to follow up and let you all know how you can continue to connect with me! (there’s a lot of ways hehe)
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Guest Speaker: The Quantum: 3D to 5D Time Space and Vibration… What do we know?

Special thanks to our fabulous and engaging presenter Jean Larsen!  You can check out her website:  Jean Larsen

Below are my notes from the evening.

  • 3D is what we are taught in school–Newton’s laws.
  • In 1927 at the Solvay conference, something happened.  They realized that when the got down to the subatomic level, atoms started acting as waves, not solid matter.
  • Atoms only look like what we know them as when they are SEEN or observed.  Otherwise they are fuzzy waves.

5D The Quantum

AKA the unified field, single point energy, the void, infinite intelligence,

  • Realm of all possibilities
  • Nothing to receive with your senses
  • Higher vibration
  • Time is eternal
  • No time or space
  • Anti matter/matter does not exist here.
  • “We cannot solve the problem at the same level of consciousness that created the problem.” Albert Einstein
  • Quantum entanglement:  when you split two things and they then experience the same thing at the same exact time.  (This is synchronicity!  Like when I think of frank and he texts me!)
  • 5d is the realm where the manifesting happens.
  • The more you focus on the possibility, the more you focus on it happening

Ways to access 5D:

Navigate the chakras. 

Elevated intention.

Where focus goes, energy flows. 

5D is in higher realms (above heart chakra, pineal gland in crown chakra.  Use breathing  techniques to access)

Our Fall Workshops!!!!!!



So much to celebrate, so much yet to learn!!!!!!!

I am grateful every day for all the blessings bestowed on me since discovering this group and this work. I have achieved accolades in my professional career, and am now a certified EFT practitioner, mindfulness and life coach, and Reiki master. A decade ago, none of this was on my radar nor did it seem possible.

Veronica and I are feverishly working on booking our events for the fall. Below are our proposed topics. If you would like to present or know someone who would, please pass on our information. We have some speakers lined up and are confirming dates, so the workshops below are in draft form:

9/23: EFT/Tapping

9/23: 100 Day Challenge (6th round)–>This is a 100-day email/Facebook event. No in-person meeting.

10/14: LOA Newbies: Back to Basics

10/28: Special Guest Speaker: How to Be Happy When You’re Sad

11/11: Special Guest Speaker: The Quantum: 3D to 5D Time Space and Vibration… What do we know?

11/25: Cord Cutting and Energy Clearing

12/9: Meditative Writing

12/23: No workshop–Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

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Sending you love and light,




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