Cord Cutting and Severing Energetic Ties

We began this workshop with a meditation to reset our chakras.  This is a great meditation to try, especially when reflecting on energetic ties.

Chakra Clearing Meditation

Cords are emotional strands of energy that form, regardless of time or space.

The first cord we created was with our mothers when we were conceived.

–The strongest cords are with those we have frequent contact with.

7 Signs that you have cords of attachment:

1.Can’t stop thinking about the other person

Even if months or years have passed, you still think about them

2.Imaginary arguments

Constantly revisiting past events

3.Relationship karmic loop

Feeling like you haven’t moved on

Stuck in the same relationship dynamic

4.They appear in your dreams

Reenacting old drama that leaves you rattled

5.You feel drained

Cords of attachment contain energy.  You deplete yourself by holding on.

6.You can’t forgive

7.Can’t get them out of your life

Practical Exercises to Cut Energetic Cordscord pic

Technique #1

Free-write about the following:

■Make a list of people you interact with daily.  Leave space between their names.

■Make a list of people you think about often, but may not necessarily see.

■Next to each name, write how you feel after interacting with them.

■For the people you don’t see often, what emotion comes to mind when you think of them?

1.Pick one person from your list, the one that you feel leaves you the most depleted.

2.Put one hand over your stomach area (solar plexus)—most negative cords are connected this way.

3.Set the firm intention to not allow any more energetic exchange on this level with the other person.

4.Move one of your hands with an up and down motion over your solar plexus.

5.Visualize “chopping” the cord and by doing so, you are breaking the flow of energy to the other person.

6.Repeat a firm intention to break this cord now, for good.

Technique #2

The basic steps to cord cutting: Focus on the person that you wish to clear your energetic and emotional ties with. Allow yourself to call up the emotions that you still feel for this person, there’s no need to squash anything, no one has to know anything about your experience…

1.Close your eyes and using your imagination, see the other person standing in front of you, a few feet away.

2.See a cord of energy connecting your bellybutton to their bellybutton or your sexual center to theirs and either using your hand or imagine a bright silver sword or pair of scissors, cut the cord and allow it to release.

3.You may want to use a swift and chopping motion three times.

4.See the cords releasing and your cord returning back to you and their cord returning back to them…

5.You may want to recall memories into your mind’s eye that still hold emotion or energy around this person and see the cords of this experience being cut and released or dissolved

Do this for every cord you want to cut.

Technique #3

Click link below and download the video.

Video to Cut Cords



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