Evening with a Psychic Medium

Thank you, John Altieri, for sharing your journey and your gift with us!  What we learned from his teachings:

  • John explained his experiences working with paranormal activity in historic homes all over Long Island and beyond.
  • He recommended the text, Psychic Pathways.  All us have psychic abilities that are often untapped.  This text can help train us to bring them forth.  What we think is “intuition” is actually a psychic ability.
  • John had his first psychic experience while in the 5th grade, where he saw a custodian flip over on a lawn mower.  In moments, this actually happened, much to his surprise, right after he told his teacher the man had tipped over.
  • John reviews our 7 chakras and gave some helpful handouts.  He advised that if you meditate on a chakra for a few days in a row, you can clear it.  Then move to the next one.  He recommends envisioning the color associated with that chakra.
  • He recommends saying a prayer before helping someone, whether it is using your psychic abilities or simply showing up to work where you serve others.  Say, “God, please help me to choose the right words and do the best that I can to help this person.”
  • He said that “prayers are like antibiotics”–you can’t just say it once.  You have to use them more than once.
  • John did a quick read of the room and gave each participant a short reading in front of all of us.

John will return in the fall for another round!  If you are interested in a private reading, which he does via phone or in person, please call him at 631.422.4799


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