The 5 Love Languages

Thank you to all of our attendees, and special welcome to our new members!

The Love languages describe the way we feel loved and appreciated. Depending on our individual personality types, we may feel loved differently than how our partners do. Understanding and decoding the love languages will help take the guesswork out of your partner’s expectations and needs. According to Dr. Chapman, there are five love languages: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

During this workshop we will explored the 5 languages, determined which language we prefer, and made connections between our “language” and how it can translate into the workplace and even parenting.

Resources from the workshop are linked below:

5 Love Languages Power Point

Love Language Quiz

Focus Wheel Practice


Overview of 5 Love Languages

Words of Affirmation

Receiving Gifts

Acts of Service

Quality Time

Physical Touch




Our Mid-Winter Lineup is HERE!

Our Mid-Winter/Spring Lineup is set!

February 11: Five Love Languages
February 25: Becoming a Master Creator (note change of date!)
March 11: Emotion Code
March 25: Psycho Cybernetics
April 8: LOA Retreat
April 22: NO WORKSHOP (Easter/Passover)

Join us and bring a friend!

EFT Tapping

Thank you all for coming out to hear about Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping!  Below are some resources for you.  If you would like any more information, please email me at EFT-Tapping_HEADER

EFT/Tapping Powerpoint

Deep Breathing Meditation

Tapping Challenge Handbook

Evening Clearing Tapping

Morning Clearing Tapping

Tapping Card Front

Tapping Card Back

Our Winter 2019 Lineup:

  • January 14th: Vision Board Night!
  • January 28th: Awakening Your Authentic Self (Guest Speaker Carolyn Goldfarb)
  • February 11th: Becoming a Master Creator

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Time to Thrive with Michele Howe

We had the pleasure of sharing an evening with Michele Howe.  She shared with us her journey as a survivor of throat and neck cancer and how this experience prompted her to turn inward and look more closely on the many ways she could heal–apart from modern medicine.

Michele dove into a mindfulness practice and highlighted some of the things that worked for her, as well as shared her programs and books which can help others on this path.

She walked us through what she calls “doorways” to thrive:

  • Posture:  Be aware of your posture.  Simply sitting up straight can change your mood/outlook.
  • Breathing:  Shallow breath is connected to anxiety.  Breathe in deeply and exhale loudly to release.
  • Step into Moon Flow:  Pay attention to the cycles of the moon.  These can provide optimal times for manifesting. (We have covered this at length in our group!)
  • Hoʻoponopono:  Hawaiian prayer linked to increased abundance.  I thank you.  I love you.  I forgive you.  I’m sorry.
  • Set “sacred” containers:  When you enter a space, say “I am here to…” and set your intentions before entering.  Tell yourself you are surrounded by positive light.

If you would like to find out more or schedule a session, check out her website:  Michele Howe

You can also email her at


Thrive Drive PowerPoint

Becoming Aware of Our Vibration

Orelia Sophia, trained by Bob Proctor, learned at an early age about energy healing.  We discussed things that would make us happy and she said they usually land in one of three categories:

  1. To be free from financial concerns
  2. To be enthused about how we will spend a day
  3. We want to enjoy daily relationships with other people.

Napoleon Hill recommends writing out your goal and posting it everywhere so that you encounter it constantly.

She is offering 1:1 coaching for all who are interested.  Check out her website at

Evening with a Psychic Medium

Thank you, John Altieri, for sharing your journey and your gift with us!  What we learned from his teachings:

  • John explained his experiences working with paranormal activity in historic homes all over Long Island and beyond.
  • He recommended the text, Psychic Pathways.  All us have psychic abilities that are often untapped.  This text can help train us to bring them forth.  What we think is “intuition” is actually a psychic ability.
  • John had his first psychic experience while in the 5th grade, where he saw a custodian flip over on a lawn mower.  In moments, this actually happened, much to his surprise, right after he told his teacher the man had tipped over.
  • John reviews our 7 chakras and gave some helpful handouts.  He advised that if you meditate on a chakra for a few days in a row, you can clear it.  Then move to the next one.  He recommends envisioning the color associated with that chakra.
  • He recommends saying a prayer before helping someone, whether it is using your psychic abilities or simply showing up to work where you serve others.  Say, “God, please help me to choose the right words and do the best that I can to help this person.”
  • He said that “prayers are like antibiotics”–you can’t just say it once.  You have to use them more than once.
  • John did a quick read of the room and gave each participant a short reading in front of all of us.

John will return in the fall for another round!  If you are interested in a private reading, which he does via phone or in person, please call him at 631.422.4799

Using Crystals to Manifest

Welcome to all of our first-time attendees!!!!!!  Below is a synopsis of what was discussed, as well as some bonus videos and resources.

Opening Meditation

Using Crystals to Manifest Wealth

Wealth is the state of attaining material prosperity or money. Achieving a state of wealth often comes from hard work, new opportunities and positive outcomes. Use these crystals for wealth and money stones to aid in your ability in obtaining wealth.

Crystals for Manifesting Abundance

How a person can feel a crystal’s energy

  • Be open to the experience

  • Skepticism should be set aside!
  • Set aside any preconceived notions
  • Enter the experience with an attitude of curiosity and without telling yourself any stories about how this may or may not work.
  • Set aside expectations of outcome
  • Be in the moment as you work with a crystal
  • Start with a crystal that attracts you strongly
  • Everyone’s experience is unique. Start with any crystal you feel called to. It will do its job regardless

    Cleansing crystals

  • Leave them in moonlight: new moon or full moon are great times to do this.
  • Cleanse them in a bed of quartz: do this for 12 to 24 hours
  • Use sound: hold crystals within a crystal singing bowl
  • Use smoking sage: light a sage bundle or smudge stick and allow the smoke to drift over the crystals
  • Salt or water cleansing: check to make sure that the stone you have can withstand salt water before doing so.

    Video Overview of Crystals

Programming Crystals to Set Intentions

  • Make sure crystal is cleared

  • Hold it in your dominant hand.
  • Close your eyes and picture your intent. Say it in present tense (ex. “I am prosperous”)
  • Imagine your intent turning to light and traveling through your arm, into your hand, and into your crystal. Do this for 3 to 5 minutes.

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