LOA Newbies: Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation

Welcome to our new members who joined us!  During this meeting we discussed the basics of beginning a mindfulness practice.  We participated in a 5-minute presentation at the beginning and then a longer grattitude meditation before closing the evening out.

Guided Meditations:

5-Minute Meditation

15 Minutes Silence and Gratitude Meditation

25 Minute Body Scan Meditation

Power Point Presentation

LOA Newbies PPT Show

Mindfulness Resources


Return to Love

We kicked off 2018 with a review of A Course in Miracles as seen through the eyes of Marianne Williamson’s Return to Love.  Resources to follow.


Special Guest Speaker!

On Monday, September 25th we will resume our normal schedule of workshops after a brief end-of-summer hiatus.

This will be a TWO PART meeting!

PART ONE–Special Guest Speaker!!!!:

Come join Dr. Mary Oz as we discuss the Healing Power of Ho’oponopono and how you can receive Healing, Miracles and Radical Change. Dr. Mary Oz, Change Expert, Therapist and Results Oriented Coach, Author, Speaker and founder of Radical Change Coaching Academy certifies coaches and teaches individuals to be more resourceful than the average person! She combines counseling and coaching with a Healing Process called Ho’oponopono and The Law of Attraction! Her clients are experiencing Radical Change in less than 30 days!

Recognized as a Change Expert and keynote speaker, Dr. Mary Oz speaks on topics such as Healing, Transformation, Radical Change, The Law of Attraction and Results Oriented Living! Dr. Mary Oz has been a LCSW for 30 years, a Results Oriented Coach for 15 years and is now sought after as A CHANGE EXPERT who can help you get Results Quickly, Powerfully and Easily! drmary


Amidst the stressors in life, people are searching for holistic healing. The labyrinth, a path for walking meditation, has been introduced as a way to deal with life stressors. Labyrinths are being built in hospitals, schools, parks, and prisons. What is the impact of walking the labyrinth on participants?

During this meeting, we will discuss this, as well as participate in a walk ourselves. Participants will be given access to a virtual labyrinth to access whenever and wherever necessary, as well as some tools to replicate one when you are unable to physically go to a location.

Suggestion donation: $5, to cover venue cost, materials and Meetup Fees.

“Fall” Into the Law of Attraction!!!!

This summer has brought with it many successes for our members, as well as for our group as a whole. While planning out the events for the fall, we are excited to step out of our comfort zone and bring in more speakers and resources not previously discussed.

Here are some highlights:

Participants in the Summer of Miracles book study are going to continue with our Four Seasons of Miracles book study. I encourage all who have not attempted to read A Course in Miracles to join us. While this text is not for the faint of heart, it is proving to be a powerful experience.

Due to popular demand, there will be an Astrology and the Law of Attraction sequel! In this meeting will dive deeper into your personal transits and discuss aspects.

We will look closer at personal transformation by investing time in Osho’s teachings, as well as a new and improved Transformation Challenge to kick off 2018. Our vision board workshop in January 2018 is a great way to look back on what you manifested this year, and look ahead to what is waiting to be provided.

Dates and topics through January 2018 are now posted, with the possibility of adding in several more dates. I am solidifying workshops on essential oils, crystals, and yoga as a mindfulness practice with several guest speakers. Information and details TBD.

I try my best to maintain a steady schedule and not cancel or change workshops, but because of the career and personal success I have manifested, there may be times that I need to change some things around. Please call me or email me anytime, at 1.844.LOA.WORK or Laura@manifestit631.com

Sending you all love, light and peace as we navigate the remainder of the summer season.


Summer of Miracles!

What an amazing summer we shared exploring A Course in Miracles!  Due to high demand, we will be continuing with this study throughout the year.  Check out our Meetup for our next workshop!

Now Offering Reiki Healing!

We are now offering distance Reiki healings at a special discount to all Manifest It members! Enter promo code LOA2017 to save 33%!!!

Distance Reiki healings can be done while you are on the go or even sleeping!  An MP3 will be sent to you and some instructions to prepare for the healing.  Many members have benefited from these services.  Click here to book your appointment:  http://roamingreiki.com/

Raising Your Vibration

Thank you all for a wonderful meeting!  So amazing to work with so many new members, as well as our regular core group.  Below are the resources I shared.


Meditative Writing

During this workshop we practiced a few different kinds of writing that can prompt subconcious thoughts.  We then did a 45 minute meditative writing session. Very powerful!  The meditation used can be found here:

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